Facebook Ads Managed Services

Target your ideal audience with extraordinary precision, promote your brand and encourage people to take actions that deliver high ROI with our month-to-month managed services.


In Our Facebook Ads Managed Services

Over 3.5 Billion users use META platforms (Facebook & Instagram) every day. On average, people spend over 2 hours a day on social media. Rest assured that with impressive accuracy, we can reach people who look just like your current customer base, expose them to ads, and encourage them to take your desired actions.

Facebook Ads are affordable for any business, and best of all, the results are quickly measurable. With our easy-to-scale Facebook Ads marketing strategies, you can amplify your content for maximum reach. Our month-to-month managed services are here to build a steady source of leads that bring more revenue to your business. Make your business grow with various campaign objectives, gain insights, and collect data from every interaction, so you make more informed decisions.

Boost your ROI and reach more people than ever with our managed services. Campaign types available we manage for you:


Make people aware of your business by showing ads to your targeted audience.


Get people interested in your business and motivate them to seek more information.


Encourage potential customers to take specific actions of your preference, like making a purchase.


Encourage potential customers to take specific actions of your preference, like making a purchase.

Our Proven Formula
for Success.

To make sure we are developing solid strategies that allow us to build and maintain highly successful, cost-effective campaigns, we take care of the following:


We will immerse ourselves in your business, industry & competitors to build the foundations of your campaigns.


We create strategies that are in sync with your business goals and match your ideal audience to deliver a high return on investment (ROI).

Ad Campaign

We will manage your campaign and monitor results weekly to ensure effectiveness.


We will collect data to help you track results, adjust (if necessary), and build targeted ad audiences for remarketing campaigns.

Campaign Data

We spend time with you through a consultative approach to review reports that include the most important KPIs.

& Insights

We concentrate on the most successful elements of your campaigns, learn from them, and use them to develop more business. We will help you understand the data and where further opportunities lie.

Included in all our packages

We create and take care of your campaigns, so you can focus your energy on taking care of business. You get a dedicated team of Facebook Ads Specialists guiding you all the way. All Our packages include the following:


» Campaign Configuration and Strategy
» Pixel Installation (Optional)
» SMART Business Goals
» Ad Copywriting
» Ad Creatives (Optional)


» Strategic Bid Management
» Campaign Improvement
» A/B Testing (Optional)
» Conversion Tracking
» Progression Monitoring

Reporting &

» Monthly Performance and Analysis Reports
» Relevant KPI Measurement
» Campaign Refinement & Optimization
» Biweekly or Monthly Consultations (Optional)

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